The Center aims to encourage two kinds of people.   

1) Creative young researchers in ecosystem adaptability science.

2) Professional Ecosystem Managers (PEMs) with executive skills for the resolution of environmental issues in international organizations, NGOs, and related organizations.

Graduate school education has focused on developing researchers with advanced skills for cutting edge research. However, solving society's environmental problems requires people with management ability, and a global perspective in addition to research skills. The center will train scientifically knowledgeable people with the ability to resolve the environmental problems faced by governments, conservation institutions and commercial companies. Those who complete both courses and a PhD dissertation will be awarded the title of Professional Ecosystem Manager(PEM).

  Ecosystem Adaptability Global COE Education Program   
  Three educational programs provided by the Center   
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  What You Get   
  • The critical ability to approach environmental problems from different standpoints and disciplines.
  • A creative approach to solving problems.
  • Needs analysis skills for application to ecosystem management.
  • An improvement in your English language communication skills as a specialist.
  • A network of environmental scientists, policy makers and others.
  • Enhanced business opportunities.
  • An improvement in your understanding of what constitutes a "good life" in terms of what is ecologically sustainable in a rapidly changing world.