A Consortium of Environmental Organizations

The aim is to establish a Consortium of Environmental Organizations with a view to promoting ecosystem adaptability science. The global environment faces significant threats and to face these successfully it is necessary to cooperate across the globe with research institutes, commercial companies, NGOs and national and local government. In gathering together people and organizations that share a common purpose we will better know what these threats are and how to deal with them, and by sharing and exchanging ideas have a clearer picture of the associated social problems and how to educate specialists and the general public.

  Achievements of Environmental Organizations  

The center will facilitate internship opportunities for students, conduct joint research, and improve the "sustainability" curriculum. Students graduating from the program will contribute their management expertise to society. Companies, NGOs and local government will conduct joint research with the center and receive practical guidance and know-how. thus extending the knowledge base of ecosystem management. The Consortium will help develop accurate metrics for ecosystem evaluation and protection contributing to ecological science, education and society as a whole.