Lake Taihu (China)
  This field station is located at Lake Taihu and the area surrounding Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China. Lake Taihu is the third largest freshwater lake in China, with a catchment area of 36,500 km2, a surface area of 2338.1 km2, and an average depth of 1.9 m. The annual average air temperature is 14.9–16.2°C. Owing to rapid industrialization, urbanization and intense agriculture, Lake Taihu now faces severe problems with water pollution and ecological deterioration. Heavy cyanobacteria has increased in frequency and intensity in recent years. Furthermore, shallow lake ecosystems are affected not only by human activity, but also by global climate change. Accommodation is available and experimental facilities provide for study of cyanobacteria control and ecological restoration. The Chinese National “863” High-Tech Project and the GCOE program for education & research on the adaptive capabilities of ecosystem with respect to global environmental changes, are both on site.  
Heavy cyanobacteria blooms in Lake Taihu
Taihu Research & Education Center for Ecosystem Management (planning)
Experimental purifier in Taihu
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Lake Taihu (China)
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