Field Science Center(Tohoku, Japan)
  The Field Science Center, Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Tohoku University, was established in April 2003 to promote both development of environmentally-friendly production systems and their educational support. The center has three educational and research stations. The Terrestrial Field Station (previously the university farm) is located in Naruko, where forest, grassland and arable land co-exist in hilly-mountainous terrain. The Marine Field Station (previously The Education and Research Center of Marine Bio-Resources) is located in Onagawa along the Sanriku-coast, one of the largest fishing grounds in the world due to its mixture of cold and warm ocean currents. And the Field Control Station is located in Sendai, one of Japan's major cities.  
Various field researches have been carried out in ocean, grassland, forest, rice field and arable land
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Field Science Center(Tohoku, Japan)