Nicklas Forsell

Forest management in Sweden considering risk of wind damage

Nicklas Forsell (1) and Ljusk-Ola Eriksson (2)
(1) Centre for Applied Mathematics, MINES ParisTech, France
(2) Department of Forest Resource Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, UmeƄ, Sweden
Day 2, 13:30-14:10

Wind damage in forestry is a major concern in numerous parts of the world due to the massive amount of damages that occur. In Europe alone, wind storms have been estimated to damage as much as 18.5 million m3 of wood per year. Furthermore, the amount of forest damage by storms and cyclones appears to be increasing. For example, a storm in 2005 felled approximately 75 million m3 of softwood in southern parts of Sweden. As forests cover as much as 70% of the land area in Sweden, forest damage due to wind can induce widespread and large-scale negatively impacts on water ecology, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity. Also, as export of forestry products accounts for more than 10% of exports from Sweden, wind damages may cause large scale economic impacts. Here, we will discuss different silvicultural management options for decreasing the risk of wind damage, particularly we will focus on the question of if and how long-term (100 years) management strategies can be used to decrease the risk of wind damage. That is, does recent studies show that there is economical insentitive to manage large-scale estates by management strategies that consider were optimized under the risk of wind damage?

Nicklas Forsell

Nicklas received an MSc in Mathematics /Applies Mathematics from Mid Sweden University in 2004. After joint studies at Swedish University of Agricultural Science and French National Institute for Agricultural Research, he received a PhD in Economics in 2009. He is currently holding a research position at MINES ParisTech, where his work focuses on long-term energy system analysis and particularly the integration of bioenergy production into national/multi-regional/global energy systems.

His research interest include: forest management, management under risk & uncertainty, renewable energies, bioenergy production, energy systems models.