Zhenjiang Shen

Environmental capacity assessment and sustainable development in urban and regional planning system of China

Zhenjiang Shen
School of Environment design, Kanazawa University, Japan
Day 3, 10:20-11:10

Our project investigates the current situation in China with respect to the application of Planning Environmental Impact Assessment (PEIA) in regional and urban plan, which focuses on national functional district at the level of regional plan, urban containment plan at the level of urban master plan. PEIA is implemented in practice of environmental and urban planning from Oct. the 1st ,2009 in China, which is recognized an important instrument for controlling urban growth process. Meanwhile, PEIA has been introduced into urban planning system of China as a new concept for planning evaluation at different levels of urban and regional plan.
In this report, we take Yushu Reconstruction Project as an example in order to gain insight on how environmental capacity assessment has been applied for decision-making process of relocation of Yushu County after Sichuan Big Earthque. Yushu County is facing a great number of challenges. The Yushu reconstruction project, by integrating social and economic models, geographical, natural resources and ecological surveys, seeks to address the issues regarding relocation of a new Yushu County from the perspective of environmental capacity. Based on our investigation, the significant effectiveness of PEIA on regional planning can be made clarified.

Zhenjiang Shen

Urban design course,
School of Environment design, Kanazawa University, Japan.

His research interesting includes policy-making support system for planning and design using GIS & VR. He served as commissioner of Chugoku Branch of Architectural Institute of Japan, and planning advisor in local cities such as Nanao city, Kanazawa city in Japan and developed on-line design tools for enhancing public participation. Dr. Shen also participated in spatial strategic planning of local cities in China, and cooperated with Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning for metropolitan growth simulation. He is a member of Commission on Geospatial Analysis and Modeling of International Cartographic Association (ICA), Landscape East Asia Researchers Network (LEA), also work as a joint member of Fudan University and Phd Instructor in Tsinghua University, China. Dr.Shen is now member of editorial board of IJSSS and IJSSoc, and organizing an International Community on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, supported by CPIJ.

Work experiences:

  • 1997, Assistant professor in Hiroshima University
  • 2000, Lecturer in Kanazawa University
  • 2003, Associate Professor in Kanazawa university
  • 2008, GIS Senior Engineer, certificated number: 0801-004 (certified by GISA of Japan) 
  • 2008-2011, PhD instructor, Tsinghua University, China
  • 2008, Joint member of Fudan university, China


  • 1987, the second prize of Ministry of Construction, China for the historical conservation plan of Beijing.
  • 2009, the prize of JIN Jingchang (Urban Planning Society of China) for a research paper (in Chinese) regarding urban growth simulation of Beijing city
  • 2010, Heritage conservation award, Region IV, UIA (The International Union of Architects), Traditional temple building preservation district Kanazawa, Japan (Historical landscape visualization)
  • Others.

Partial publications in English (Journal papers and book chapters)

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