Previous Fora

First Forum

Robustness and Stability of Organisms and Ecosystems

February 21-24, 2010 at Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan


Tohru Nakashizuka, Masakado Kawata, Jotaro Urabe, Takehiro Sasaki, Hiroko Kurokawa, Hiroshi Tomimatsu (Tohoku University)


Tohoku University Ecosystem Adaptability GCOE


Organisms and ecosystems face various environmental changes caused by human activities. In order to sustain important functions and services of ecosystems, we need understand what conditions are necessary for organisms and ecosystems to be robust or stable against the changes. 25 speakers were invited in this forum, and discussed the process and mechanism of organisms and ecosystems to respond the changes based on various components such as biodiversity, spatial structure, and evolutionary response.


Session 1: Evolutionary Response and Robustness

Session 2: Diversity and Robustness

Session 3: Network Structure and Robustness

Session 4: Spatial Structure and Robustness


Second Forum

Technologies for a Sustainable Society [PDF]

November 30 - December 3, 2010, Sendai Japan

Organizing Committee:

Kazunori Nakano, Yoshihisa Suyama, Minoru Ikeda, Shoichiro Kurata, Akira Goto, Hai-Liang Song, Hiromi Kato, Tomokazu Yamazaki(Tohoku University)


Tohoku University Ecosystem Adaptability GCOE


While we had established basic concept of ecosystem adaptability in the first forum, we addressed technology of conservation and management of ecosystem and natural resource based on adaptability of organisms and ecosystems in this second forum. 19 invited speakers presented topics about technologies for marine resource conservation, sustainable agriculture, forest conservation, epidemic control, and ecological control of urban environments.


Session 1: Technology for marine resource conservation

Session 2: Sustainable agriculture under biotic and abiotic environmental changes

Session 3: Forest conservation resources to sustain society against environmental changes

Session 4: Control of epidemics and ecological adaptability concepts

Session 5: Ecological control of urban environments